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      發布日期:2012-06-13 作者:河南安琪 點擊:

      First aspect: about yourself

      1, self-introduction (name, hometown, nursing education, working place and your department, current position)

      "Tell me about yourself. What is not shown on your resume?"

      "What do you consider your most significant strengths?"

      "What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself five years from now? Ten years?"

      2, you hobbies

      3. Are you a self-starter?

      4. What are some of the reasons for your success?

      5. How will you spend your salary? How much money do you want to make in Singapore?

      6. What do you like to do in five years?

      7. What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?

      8. What is most important to you in a job?

      9. What do you enjoy about the job, what do you dislike?

      10. How do you handle stress?

      11. Most memorable situation about your work

      12. What do you think of your attendance rate?

      13. Do you consider yourself a risk-taker?

      14. Are you a good time manager?
      15. Do you consider yourself to be someone who takes greater initiative than others?

      Second aspect: aboutSingapore:

      1, have you ever been toSingaporebefore?

      "Why do you want to work here?"

      What do you know about this organization and why have you chosen to work here?

      2, in which way do you knowSingapore?

      3. Why do you want to work inSingapore?

      4. How do you think you will adapt to live inSingapore?

      5. What attract you to work in our hospital (national universityhospitalofSingapore)?

      Third aspect: about your hospital and your job

      Why have you chosen to work as a nurse?

      What are your career goals?

      "How do you handle pressure?"

      "Describe your typical day."

      Describe your typical assignments at your old job
      10.    What was the nurse-to-patient ratio in your previous assignment? 
      11.    What was the length of your shifts? 
      12.    How do you schedule your work normally? 
      13.    Are you prepared to be on call if you are offered this position? 
      14.    Are you aware of the challenges at the hospital facility? 
      15.    According to you opinion what are the nurses’ biggest challenges at the hospital facility? 
      16.    What steps do you take to ensure safe working conditions? 
      17.    What are your plans for future growth? 
      18.    What is the salary that you expect? 
      19.    What was the benefits package you were getting in your previous job?
      20.    Are you planning to pursue your higher education? 

      1. Could you tell me something about your hospital?

      2. What contributions did you make to your last hospital?

      3. How does your degree prepare for your job?

      4. What are your daily job assignments?

      5. what is the nurse-to-patient ratio?

      6. How many patients do you take on your shift?

      7. Which shift do you work on? Are you a day shift nurse or night shift nurse?

      8. Why did you become a nurse? Do you love your job?

      9. How do your parents feel for you to be a nurse?

      10. If the patients or their relatives do not understand your works, and so are unkind to you, what will you do?

      11. Describe you nursing experience to date

      12. What is the relationship between nurses and patients should be in your mind (or between you and your coworkers)?

      13. What are your most important career (job) accomplishments?

      14. Tell me about your current position

      Fourth aspect: some questions the interviewer also cares about

      "What do you consider your most significant accomplishments?"

      "Why do you believe that you are qualified for this position?"

      "What do you consider your most significant weaknesses?"

      "Are you successful? How do you define success?"

      "What is your relationship with your physicians?"

      1. What skills do you have to offer us?

      2. Describe a difficult decision you have made and the process you went through to reach the decision.

      3. How long will you stay if we offer you this position?

      4. How do you feel about shift work?

      5. Have you ever been fired or asked to resign?

      6. Would you have any concern if we did a background check on you?

      7. What kind of recommendations will you get from previous employers?

      8. Tell me about a time in which you had to handle an irate physician, co-worker, or patient. How did you handle it and what were the results.

      9. Why do you leave your last job?

      10. How do you feel about working with supervisor who may have less education than you?

      11. What would you like to achieve during your time with us?

      Third aspect:professional ones

      Your training, qualifications and work experience

      Where did you get your training and what qualifications and certifications do you have?

      Typical nurse interview questions

      What have been your most significant accomplishments to date?

      What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses as a nursing professional?

      What are your future goals?

      You can explain how this nursing job meets your long term objectives by providing an opportunity to grow and develop your nursing skills. 


      What do you consider the most important qualities for this nursing job?

      Common qualities required for successful performance as an ER Nurse include adaptability, resilience, critical thinking, organization and planning, emotional stability and high stress tolerance.

      Motivation for the nursing job

      Why did you choose your specialty area of nursing?

      Why do you want to work in our hospital and/or community?

      Typical behavioral or competency-based interview questions for a nursing job

      Describe a situation in which you had to handle a difficult and demanding patient 

      This is used to assess your interpersonal skills and ability to resolve conflict. Possible examples include a patient who is uncooperative with treatment or who resists a prescribed care regime. Highlight your communication skills. Good nurses have excellent communication skills that include both verbal persuasiveness and strong listening skills. They are able to communicate with patients and families to understand their needs, explain treatments and influence their attitudes while displaying empathy.

      Describe a decision you had to take quickly regarding a patient

      This is looking at your judgment. Take the interviewer through the process you used to evaluate the situation and the criteria you used to make your decision. Show how you are able to rapidly assess the situation and then commit to the most appropriate action. 

      Tell us about a time where you disagreed with a colleague over the management of a patient

      Are you able to work as part of a team? Do you display sufficient maturity in dealing with health care colleagues? What resources did you use to diffuse the situation- listening to your colleague's reasons, gathering information to make sure you had sufficient understanding of the situation. Focus on what you learned from the experience as a nursing professional. 

      Nursing work often involves a number of daily frustrations. Tell me about some of the frustrations you have dealt with recently.

      Take me through a typical day in your previous job

      How do you manage stressful situations? Give me an example.

      Examples of nursing job interview questions to ask a potential employer

      Questions about the work environment 

      What is the nurse-to-patient ratio?  

      Questions about the specific nursing opportunity

      What are the main challenges in this position? 
      What sort of support does this job receive? 
      Questions about the management and administration of the facility

      What is the policy regarding continuing education and professional development? 
      What significant changes do you foresee in the near future?

      General Interview Questions

      1. Tell me about yourself

      2. Why did you become a nurse?

      3. What are your strengths?

      4. What is your greatest weakness?

      5. How well do you work under pressure?

      6. Why do you want to work in this area of nursing?

      7. Why do you want to work for us?

      8. Describe your perfect job

      9. What is most important to you in a job?

      10. Where do you see yourself being in five years time?

      11. Why did you leave your last job?

      12. What have you been doing since you last worked?

      13. Describe your relationship with your last manager

      14. What qualities do you admire most in people?

      15. What are your most important career accomplishments?

      16. Describe a difficult situation you’ve had to handle and what the outcome was

      17. Why should we take you on?

      18. Do you belong to any nursing organizations?

      19. What nursing journals do you read regularly?

      20. Describe a time that you have read a piece of research then implemented the findings into your workplace.

      21. How do you stay up to date with current practice?

      22. What do you enjoy most in your current job?

      23. Describe the biggest challenge you’ve faced at work.

      24. Why do you want to leave your current position?

      25. What do you think the role of (position you are applying for) is?

      26. What do you feel you can bring to this job?

      27. How would your colleagues describe you?

      28. How would your friends describe you?

      29. What interests do you have outside work?

      30. Why did you choose (area of specialty i.e. coronary care) nursing?

      31. Have you ever been fired or asked to resign?

      32. What latest piece of research have you read and what did you think of it?

      Newly Qualified Nurse Interview Questions

      1. Why did you choose nursing?

      2. What part of your course did you enjoy the most / least?

      3. How do you feel about shift work?

      4. What have you done that shows initiative?

      5. Are you aware of your limitations and prepared to ask for help when needed?

      6. How do you handle a job that's very stressful? 
      7. Why do you think you will fit in with theSingaporeculture? (Research the company, the position you're applying for, etc before the interviews.) 
      8. How do you define success? Are you now successful?
      9. Do you work better on your own or as part of a team? 
      10. How do you handle it if your boss criticizes you about your work? 
      11. What will you do if you have a serious difference of opinion with your immediate superior? 
      12. What have you accomplished in the last five years?


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